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More Guns in New Orleans PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vladimer Dabulgn   
Saturday, 31 March 2007
In a recent Associated Press article authored by Mary Foster, brought to my attention by an astute observer and friend, the people in New Orleans have been arming themselves at a rate of 400% compared to the pre-Katrina rate. People in the article have started saying to themselves and in the article which I’m surprised actually got printed, that they have to do something to protect themselves. They’ve actually faced the demon of violence, which might be directed at them. Hallelujah!!!!

You mean to say that people are responsible for their own safety? Wait a minute, who are these people? They must be some people who haven’t been raised properly by their parents to appreciate that certain folks have lead poor and difficult lives and if they want to take your stuff you should just say here it is and “please don’t hurt me”. I mean, can’t you dialogue with these poor unfortunate and underprivileged people to make them stop doing bad things. And oh by the way, WHERE IS THE GOVERNMENT when you need them? Aren’t they supposed to protect me?

Folks, it’s a little known fact that there is at least one court case that has stated that the police are NOT responsible for each person’s safety individually. The police protect society not the individual! A gunshop owner quoted in the article stated that “people are in fear of their lives”. This man means well but lets look at this a little closer. If “in fear of their lives” is the impetus (nice word huh?) for people to buy guns to protect their lives, what is it when we buy and install smoke alarms and CO2 alarms? Is it “fear of their lives” also? Of course it is!

In the first case you might just have to give up your sh_t or in the case of a woman something much worse. And you still might end up getting hurt or killed for your generosity. In the second case, you might get burned, burned to death or just die from smoke inhalation or CO2 poisoning. From my perspective, the end results for both cases are very similar. So why is it news that “fear of their lives” from _ssholes makes the news? I’ll ask it again – what makes the fear of violence directed toward oneself newsworthy? It isn’t. It’s just the enemy (read the left) bringing to the fore the fact that your neighbor MIGHT HAVE A GUN and oh my God.

In Pennsylvania, 10 plus years ago, that’s my newest info, on the first day of the antlered deer season, (we used to call it buck season but we’ve even managed to start neutering our hunting language), there were approximately 1 million, that’s 1,000,000 men, women and children walking around at the same time with GUNS. And I guarantee you that they were all loaded. And nobody has EVER reported that there was some kind of crime spree during deer season because if there was the left would be all over that like white on rice! The enemy never seems to bring that to people’s attention, that a standing, walking around, loaded army of a million people was out there NOT committing crimes.

Finally, I know you’re probably all glad and so am I, in the aforementioned article, the author reports from the BATFE that the national “time to crime” average is 5 years. That means of the guns that have been used in crimes and recovered and that they can trace, it takes on average 5 years from the time the firearm is purchased to the time it is determined that it was used in a crime. REMEMBER that is just the guns used in crimes, that is not the other 99.95 % (I’m just guessing) of guns that aren’t used to commit crimes. Back to the article, BATFE says that in New Orleans the “time to crime” is 6 months. And somehow this means something???

Yeah it means that there are a lot of idiots in New Orleans. BATFE has been trying to push this “time to crime” crap on us for at least a couple of years. It doesn’t mean anything! BATFE keeps trying to imply that the guns are evil and that they have to stop being sold to the public because the gun will end up committing a crime. It’s smoke and mirrors. All the “time to crime” means is one of two things: 1) the person who bought the gun is a straw purchaser, this is a crime already, everywhere in the country or 2) the damn thing gets stolen and subsequently used in a crime. I personally don’t believe that a sh_thead who can legally buy a gun, (they are out there folks), can keep the thing for five years before he gets stupid with it. Of course this last one CAN happen but not very often. So don’t let the phrase “time to crime” go unanswered.


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