Lethal Weapons Training Academy is a PA Certified Firearms School in Erie, County Pennsylvania.

BASIC AR-15 Firearm Training • July 29, 2017

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This is a 16-18 hour (two day) introduction to the AR-15 rifle, for the person who wants to understand how their rifle functions and learn basic combat marksmanship. The newer rifleman will benefit from learning parts nomenclature, disassembly & reassembly, safety procedures, cleaning, internal function, ammunition selection, AR variants, numerous shooting drills and equipment options.

The first four hours will be devoted to classroom instruction. The remainder of the training will be conducted on the range.

This class is designed to thoroughly familiarize the newer rifleman with their rifle, its handling characteristics, control manipulation, sight picture, transition to handgun, malfunction clearance and much more.


1. Parts nomenclature
2. Disassembly
3. Reassembly
4. Function of the rifle
5. Equipment
6. Rifle Variants
7. Parts Variants
8. Ammunition selection
9. Causes of malfunctions
10. Malfunction clearance
11. Safety
12. Administrative handling/td>

13. Cleaning and maintenance
14. Loading
15. Unloading
16. Reloading
17. Principles of marksmanship
18. Rifle sight in
19. Position shooting
20. Shooting from cover
21. Shooting to cover
22. Weapon transition
23. Weak side manipulation


  • AR-15 rifle or clone with sling
  • Minimum of three rifle magazines
  • Magazine pouch or equivalent
  • 1000 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • Handgun with strong side hip holster
  • Minimum of three handgun magazines
  • Handgun magazine carrier
  • 100 rounds of handgun ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection

Prepare for all types of weather.

Bring any other equipment and supplies that will enable the shooter to remain on the range for two days.

Suitable for Beginners to Intermediate.


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