PA Act 235 Recertification Renewal • June 10, 2017

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Lethal Weapons certification, officially known as PA Act 235, is mandatory for all privately employed persons who utilize any type of a lethal weapon in the performance of their work.

Lethal Weapons Training Academy is a state certified center for PA Act 235 Renewals.

Information and official PA Act 235 application forms can be obtained from the Pennsylvania State Police Lethal Weapons Training Program Website. To begin the Act 235 renewal process, You will need to download and print the following form.

SP 8-205 Application for Renewal of Agent Certification 

(you may need to install Adobe PDF Reader to view this form)

Step 1: Complete the Renewal of Agent Certification Lethal Weapons Training Act – SP 8-205 form.

Step 2: Submit the application and a $30 certification fee via money order/certified check made payable “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” to:

PA State Police
Lethal Weapons Certification Unit
8002 Bretz Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17112

Step 3: Correspondence will be sent to the address you provided, authorizing you to attend 8 hours of renewal certification training.

Step 4: Schedule training. It is the applicant’s responsibility to schedule the training after receiving the approval letter.

Step 5: Once the Certified Act 235 school submits your grade, you will then receive your renewal card in the mail.

Registration Requirements for PA Act 235 Recertification

1. Pre-register for course with a 50% deposit.

2. Balance of registration fee due no later than first day of course.

3. Student must have letter of approval from state Lethal Weapons Training Commission. This course can not be attended while papers and approval are being processed by the state.

4. All students will furnish the following equipment for the first day of class:

• Pen
• Paper
• Highlighter pen
• Handcuffs
• Good belt capable of retaining equipment
• Good belt holster
• Serviceable handgun + 100 rounds of factory ammo
• Current Title 18 PA Crimes Code

Shotguns will be furnished by the Lethal Weapons Training Academy.

All required shotgun ammunition will be furnished by Lethal Weapons Training Academy.

PA ACT 235 Recertification Renewal Class – 4-6 hours – Cost $100.00

Class Size – 20 Participants


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