Handgun 201 Advanced Firearm Training • June 24, 2017

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This 2-day class is designed to introduce the experienced gun handler to a more realistic class of defensive gun handling. The course emphasis will be on improving weapon safety and management, while improving the students ability to make multiple shots on single and multiple targets at unknown distances.

The practical application aspect of the class will incorporate all positions and techniques that are covered in the class. If you have a working knowledge and good basic safety habits this is a class designed to improve your handgun management skills and bring your confidence level up to where you will be comfortable in carrying your weapon with you at all times.

This is a 14 hour class that is held at our training facility in Crawford County, Pennsylvania over two consecutive days. The average breakdown of this course is approximately 90% weapons manipulation & range time and 10% classroom.


1. Gun safety review
2. Range rules
3. Principles of marksmanship
4. Static dry fire individual coaching
5. Live precision fire individual coaching
6. Timed draw and fire
7. Speed reloading
8. Static dry speed reloading
9. Live fire speed reloading
10. Tactical reloading
11. Static dry tactical reloading
12. Live fire tactical reloading
13. Malfunction clearance drills
14. Static dry malfunction clearance drills
15. Live fire malfunction clearance drills
16. Position shooting, kneeling
17. Static dry fire, kneeling
18. Live fire, kneeling
19. Position shooting, prone
20. Static dry fire, prone
21. Live fire, prone
22. Position shooting, squatting
23. Static dry fire, squatting
24. Live fire, squatting
25. Strong hand only
26. Static dry fire, strong hand only
27. Live fire, strong hand only
28. Practical application drill with vehicle



  • Good Serviceable handgun
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Strong side hip holster
  • 600 rounds ammunition minimum
  • Knee & elbow pads (optional)

Suitable for both Law Enforcement and Private Citizens


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